Penis plants are an interesting choice for your garden

Do you love the idea of growing penis plants? Are you looking for something unique to add to your garden?

Are you a pornstar (hopefully from porno brasil – the best ones) that is looking for something work adequate for your garden?

There are many reasons why you might want to grow penis plants. Some people just find them funny, others enjoy the sexual connotations, while others simply appreciate the fact that they look cool.

Whatever your reason, penis plants are a great addition to any garden. These plants are a fun way to add color and interest to your garden.

What the hell are penis plants? I thought you were joking!

penis plant found in Cambodia
The Nepenthes is a very interesting looking plant

We are not joking! Although the official name isn’t penis plant, they are known by that name because of their obvious similarities with a male penis.

Their scientific name is Nepenthes which sounds cool, let’s be honest.

Nepenthes holdenii is a tropical carnivorous plant commonly found in the mountains of western Cambodia.

The flower, known as the penis plant because of its resemblance to an erect male organ, has long been a protected species of plant.

Recently, locals and tourists alike have been removing the wildflowers from the ground at an increasing rate and taking photos of themselves with them for social media.

Where can you find the penis plant?

Originally found in the tropical parts of western Cambodia, these interesting-looking plants thrive in low-nutrient soil environments and they are known to adapt their nutritional needs by luring prey using their sweet nectars and scents.

Here is a fun fact for you: A recent incident has caused Cambodian officials to request that their citizens refrain from plucking the rare Nepenthes holdenii plants because they look too much like penises.

Apparently, tourists and even locals are plucking these plants to take pictures for the sole reason that they look like penises.

You see, the problem is that these plants are quite rare and are considered to be endangered so plucking them from the ground and leaving them is no good.

How BIG can a Nepenthes grow?

Scientists in the Philippines found a new species of pitcher plants in 2009. They called them “Nepenthes attenboroughii”. It is named after Sir David Attenborough, a naturalist.

It’s the world’s largest carnivorous plant, which has stems that reach nearly 5 feet (152 cm) high and pitchers that grow to 1 foot in diameter (76 cm).

Are Nepenthes HARD to grow?

Carnivorous plants are hard to keep alive indoors.

Some pitcher plant species are difficult to keep alive as houseplants because they require very specific conditions.

Some plants can grow quite large, making it difficult to keep them inside.

Some carnivorous plants require wet soil and bright, direct light for 12 or more hours each day to thrive, but some – like those of the genus Nepenthes – need very different conditions.

Tropical pitchers are sometimes called “Monkeys Cups” or “Monkeys Jars.” They’re not easy to grow, but they’re worth the effort.

They are something that immediately catches the eye and a wonderful conversational piece to have.

Just make sure to do your research if you plan to grow one.