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        Spring Turn-on Service   
        Mid-Season Service
        Back-Flow Test

       Spring Turn-on Service

When you engage us to open up your Sprinklers in the Spring, we do more than just turn the water on.  Our Spring Turn-On Service includes a check-up of your entire system.  During the Spring Turn-on service we:

  • Adjust heads so they don't water the road or shoot too high in the air

  • Check the coverage of the lawn and beds

  • Replace damaged or broken heads

  • Run the system from the control box to make sure everything works

  • Ensure heads are below the cutting blades of lawn mowers

  • Change the timer ONLY if you ask us to do so

Because we do check your control box, we need to have you home so we must contact you to make an appointment.  If you'd rather not be home, you may just turn the water on and we can usually adjust the system from outside. 


The best way to schedule this service is via email to  The next best way is to call 973-627-2797 Ext. 5.


Mid-Season Service

Like the Spring Turn-On Service, the Mid-Season Service gives your entire system a fresh start.  We check the entire system, including the control box settings and the condition of the lawn.  If your irrigation system needs some fine tuning now that the weather is hot, please give us a heads-up.  If not, we will call you to set up an appointment time that is convenient.   The best way to schedule this service is via email to  The next best way is to call 973-627-2797 Ext. 5.


Back-Flow Test

Steve's is one of the few irrigation service providers in the area that is able  to provide NJ State Backflow Test results. 

The New Jersey Safe Drinking Water Act, N.J.A.C. 7:10, requires that every irrigation system with a cross connection to the Public Water Supply be protected with an approved backflow device.  Additionally, N.J.A.C. 10.5.6 requires that each backflow device in residential service must be tested at least once annually to ensure that it is functioning properly. Steve's Landscaping & Irrigation is Certified to test these devices,holding Backflow Prevention Device Inspector Certificate #7245, issued by the New England Water Works Association, a certifying agency approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:10-10.8.


We would be more than happy to provide this service to you. Furthermore, if you have an irrigation system that was installed without an approved backflow device, you are in violation of the law; unknowingly, most probably, but more importantly, you are endangering yourself, your family, and the public water supply. Steve's Landscaping and Irrigation would be happy to give you an estimate to install one for you.


Sprinkler Winterization

We generally winterize our sprinkler systems beginning late September through Thanksgiving.  However, the weather crucially impacts this service!!  If there is water in your sprinkler system, it MUST be winterized or the system will freeze and break! The best way to reach us is via email at  The next best way is to call 973-627-2797 Ext. 5.

Most Important ~ The water to the sprinkler system has to be turned off inside the house before you call us! 

Once you turn the water off, please email us (or call and leave a message on Ext. 5, our winterization hotline).  We will schedule your blowout as soon as possible.  Most of our systems do not require an appointment, so we will just schedule the blowout without a confirmation call.  We leave a notice that the work was completed.  If you do not see a note within 2 weeks of your contact, please contact us again.  (It is rare that we miss a message, but it does happen occasionally; however, the volume can be overwhelming and we appreciate you giving us a chance before calling repeatedly.)

During the winterization visit, we blow out the lines with a high-pressure compressor.  Virtually no water will remain in the lines or in the backflow device (the contraption on the outside of the house with the bell-like fitting on top). 

Please try not to wait until the last minute! We may not be able to get to you in time! Usually, if you turn off the water before Halloween, you'll be okay - but in 2008, it snowed before Halloween and we had a few systems freeze.  Mother nature doesn't always cooperate!

Part of our routine is to leave the valve on the outside of the house open in case the ball valve inside your home leaks. This occasionally happens.  In the event that the ball valve does leak, as long as the outside valve remains open, the water will drain out of the backflow.  Unfortunately, sometimes the water in the backflow device does freeze and the bonnet & poppet part breaks: 99% of the time this occurs because someone notices water dripping out of the hose bib and closes the valve, thinking - like most of us would - that dripping water is bad.  Once the valve is closed, the backflow fills up with water and freezes.  As soon as the weather warms up, the ice melts and the water shoots up out of  the backflow like a geyser.

If you have purchased a Sprinkler Service Plan, you have already paid for the winterization.  If not, there is a charge   per zone, or a per hour charge for system with 10 or more zones.  Certain housing developments have special pricing.  If you have any questions, you may call or email us.  Email is the best way to reach us, since we can respond any time of the day or night.







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