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    PennMulch Seed Accelerator

    A unique seedling establishment mulch with Moisture Cell Technologh(TM) and starter fertilzier. PennMulch maintains moisture at the seed bed improving germination.

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    PennMulch® Seed Accelerator with Moisture Cell Technology?




    Of all the challenges a turf professional faces getting a healthy consistent stand of turf from seed is potentially the most frustrating.  This is why the innovators at Lebanon Turf Products are so excited about PennMulch Seed Accelerator. PennMulch Seed Accelerator is a breakthrough product that is designed to help professionals get faster better results from any seeding job.


    PennMulch pellets are made of recycled paper that breaks down naturally without robbing the soil of nutrients.  PennMulch contains no weed seeds.  Many of the weeds that contaminate straw are perennial forage type grasses like Orchard grass or Timothy.  These weeds cannot be selectively controlled once they invade your new turf!  Unlike straw, PennMulch will never blow off the target area into the neighbor�s pool, and it never needs to be removed or raked up.  If we were talking about any one of the many �knock-off� products we could stop right here.  A paper pellet alone is of little value in enhancing a seedbed, but PennMulch is much more.


    PennMulch was the first, and remains the only product on the market with Moisture Cell Technology?.  This patent protected technology puts super absorbent co-polymers right into each and every PennMulch pellet.  This is the same stuff that is used to absorb moisture in baby diapers.  If you have ever picked up an infant who accidentally gotten into the pool wearing a disposable diaper you will appreciate the water holding capacity of these polymers.  The polymers allow each pellet to absorb up to 400% its weight in water.  Not only do the polymers cause the pellet to expand, they store water that would otherwise be lost to infiltration or evaporation and release it back to the soil. 


    If you consider all of the reasons seed establishment fails, poor control of water is by far the most fundamental.  In the real world water is also the most difficult resource to control.  Customers rarely follow watering guidelines and Mother Nature always cooperates with a feast or famine approach.  Consider the fate of a recently germinated seedling.  Without roots it cannot access water that may be just millimeters below it in the soil.  It is exposed to desiccating wind and baked by the sun.  Without water the life expectancy is short, possibly just hours.  Irregular, infrequent irrigation results in wet dry cycles.  The result is often higher seedling mortality as seeds swell and germinate, only to dry out and die hours later.  PennMulch with Moisture Cell Technology? helps to even out wet dry cycles.  Each pellet offers an ideal site for seedlings to thrive and develop.


    PennMulch is also the only product of its kind to include a full rate of starter fertilizer so everything you need is applied in one easy application.  Many spreader manufacturers have developed high volume spreaders that make applying PennMulch fast and easy.  All you need to do is prepare the seedbed as you normally would.  Sew the seed and lightly rake in for good seed-soil contact, and spread PennMulch at the desired rate.


    Here are just some of the reasons to use PennMulch Seed Accelerator


    1.                  Moisture Cell Technology? to conserve moisture at the seed bed level

    2.                  No weed seeds to contaminate your finished product

    3.                  Does not blow away like straw

    4.                  Never needs to be removed or raked up

    5.                  Contains a full rate of starter fertilizer

    6.                  Speeds up germination and seedling development

    7.                  Improves stand uniformity by reducing dry spots and resulting bare spots

    8.                  Improves stand density by reducing seedling mortality

    9.                  Saves time and money on return trips to reseed or touch up failures

    10.              Easy to apply and requires less equipment than straw or hydromulch

    11.              Provides a finished professional appearance to your seeding jobs

    12.              Conveniently packaged for any job large or small

    13.              Can be applied along boarders without getting into bed areas

    14.              Does not splash onto surfaces and stain like hydroseeding slurries






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