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All Tree & Shrub fertilizing applications will contain properly balanced nutrients for each plant‘s specific needs.  When appropriate, this fertilizer may be applied under high pressure to ensure proper root uptake.  Climate conditions, type of disease and/or insect, and plant material affected will have an effect on results.  For example, plants invaded by blight disease or by boring insects have a high probability of death or decline.  Special treatments for the aforementioned insects and diseases may incur additional costs.  Some applications may be combined.  Fungicide is not included in any program.

Application 1 – Spring Dormant Oil:  Spray application of horticultural oil that helps to control over-wintering egg masses, immature, and adult insects and deprive them of succulent new growth.

Application 2 – Spring Fertilization:  A deep root fertilization injected directly into the root system of the plant. Enhancing plant color, improves flowering, and helps to grow out winter stress.

Application 3 – Late Spring Visit:  Property Inspection - Insect & Disease Application as needed.  Initial property inspection and application as needed to minimize damage from disease and young insects.

Application 4 – Summer Visit:  Property Inspection - Insect & Disease Application as neededThis visit provides control to minimize various diseases and insect infestations that may occur in summer.

Application 5 – Late Summer Visit:  Property Inspection - Insect & Disease Application as needed.  This visit is to continue preventative care and provides treatment to minimize various insects and diseases that occur in late summer.

Application 6 – Early Fall Visit:  Fertilization - Slow release fertilizations are injected into the root system of the plant to promote strong root growth and assists in food storage for use throughout the winter months.

Application 7 – Late Fall Visit:  Spray application of oil - An application of oil to reduce population of egg masses to help minimizing future insect activity; also helps to control over-wintering egg masses and immature insects.

Application 8 – Winter Visit:  Winter Protection - Helps to minimize damage caused by the freeze and thaw cycle of winter.

Steve’s Guarantee:  If for any reason you are not pleased with the results of any program treatment, call me and I promise we will reapply the application at no cost to you.  If an untimely rainfall affects any application, re-spraying will be done at no additional charge. 

Please note— because of the vast variety of funguses that exist, their reoccurring nature, and since different funguses may require specific chemicals and/or repeated treatments, we do not guarantee fungicide applications.

NJ Licenses: Pesticide #94563A
Contractor #13VH03889600
Irrigation #0017528


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