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The system makes sense.
There are measures you can take to reduce the risk of Lyme disease on your property. Keep in mind, though, that nothing is likely to permanently rid your property of mice, and a single mouse can be carrying more than 100 deer ticks.

Attempting to control the outdoor population of mice is futile, but you can control the ticks. The Maxforce Tick Management System provides an easy-to-use, low-maintenance, highly effective means of ridding your yard of ticks and reducing your chances of contracting Lyme disease. It interrupts the Lyme disease cycle without harming wildlife, damaging the environment, or threatening the health of your family.

The system makes a difference.
This approach to tick control was developed through a cooperative effort between scientists at the CDC and Bayer. The Maxforce Tick Management System has been proven effective in drastically reducing the number of ticks present in the landscape.

Source: Bayer Environmental Science, 2001.

In field trials, the Maxforce Tick Management System reduced tick populations by nearly 80% after just one year. The rate of infection in ticks that remain in the landscape also decreases: While 25% of nymphal ticks present commonly carry the disease, the system reduces the percentage of infected ticks to just 7% of the total population after the first year.

Both the total number of ticks and the Lyme disease infection rate in the ticks present continue to decrease during the second year of treatment. At the end of two years of treatment, the total number of ticks present in the landscape was reduced by 97%.

How the system works.
The key to the Maxforce Tick Management System is a small, plastic box containing an insecticide that's effective against ticks and a bait that's attractive to mice. Your pest management professional or lawn care operator determines how many boxes you need to protect your property and places them around the perimeter of your yard.

Mice are attracted to the boxes and enter them through a small hole in each one. As a mouse moves through a box, it passes under a small applicator wick containing a low-dose insecticide. The wick will lightly brush the mouse, gently applying traces of the insecticide.

The insecticide won't harm the mouse or any other animal that might touch or even eat it, but it will kill the ticks the mouse is carrying. A single dose will protect the mouse from new ticks for up to 40 days. As they return to the System, they will receive additional protection.

The system boxes are self-contained and maintenance free once installed. The insecticide they use [fipronil] is not a threat to any animal other than ticks on small rodents.

This shows a typical Maxforce Tick Management System installation. The shaded areas show typical rodent territories in your yard.

The system is effective for approximately 90 days. Two 90-day installations are all that's required to take care of your ticks for a full season.

It's fipronil, one of the world's best insecticides.
The insecticide used in the Maxforce Tick Management System is fipronil.

Fipronil is the active ingredient in the popular flea and tick treatment veterinarians commonly prescribe for household pets. It is also used around the world in a variety of products designed to protect crops from destructive insects.

Just a trace amount of fipronil applied on a mouse is sufficient to kill ticks for days, yet it will not harm the mouse or any other animal it contacts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested several chemical compounds before deciding on fipronil for the Maxforce Tick Management System. Fipronil's winning characteristics included extremely high efficacy, long residual, and a solid safety record.


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