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What makes Steve's Landscaping different than all the other companies that do drainage work?
After you get the water out of your basement or while you're waiting for the water to drain off your lawn,
one of the things you might wonder is how to solve the drainage problem without
destroying the lawn, walkway or patio.

Well, Steve's has an easy answer for that problem!
In the photos below, our Ditch Witch 410 is trenching a drainage system with minimal displacement of soil. 
We don't have to destroy your lawn by bringing in a huge backhoe, which typically adds considerable
restoration costs to your job.  We get in, fix the drainage issue, and get out with the least possible disturbance!

 Our Ditch Witch 410 can trench a 6" wide trench 3 ft deep or bore under under any walkway or patio.

 Our Ditch Witch SK 650 Compact Skid Steer can fit through a 4 ft gate with only 3.7 lbs of weight  applied to your lawn per sq ft.

Steve's Photos of Drains

Infiltrator Systems

Did you know 95% of all wet basements are solved by outdoor drainage systems?

Having provided drainage solutions in the Morris County area for over 30 years, we know that
95% of wet basements can be resolved by installing an outdoor drainage system.
Steve's Landscaping will evaluate your drainage problem and give you the
right advice on how to correct the situation.

Steve's is a certified NDS installer.
Over the years I have consulted for and testified as a drainage expert for many different towns in
Morris County. We have experience in installing a variety of devises and methods of drainage
solutions - dry wells, pipes, permeable fabric, infiltrator systems, drains and grates, etc. 
Each drainage issue is unique, and only a trained and experienced
contractor can evaluate and recommend the correct solution.


A little information about NDS:  "Over 20 years ago, NDS began producing plastic drainage and landscape products.  
From the beginning, our commitment to leading the industry has been unwavering, leading to
remarkable innovations and state-of-the-art products that fit every environment, every schedule, every need."

                  Infiltrator Systems Inc. - Plastic Leachfield Chambers for onsite wasterwater solutions, Plastic Septic Chambers and High Capacity Chambers.The Original Plastic Leachfield Chamber System for Environmental Onsite Wastewater Solutions.







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