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My son and I, along with others from our Cub Scout Pack, visited the Lakota Wolf Preserve on a recent Saturday.  It was one of the rare Saturdays this season that it did not rain, so we enjoyed the easy, half-mile hike up to the fenced in habitat areas.

Once there, the tour guide, who is also one of the owners of the property, gave us a fascinating overview of the wolves, how they ended up in the preserve, how they behave and interact with humans, what they eat, etc. There are five fenced-in areas - one for each of the wolf packs, and one for the humans.  The preserve is home for three different types of wolves - Arctic, Tundra and Timber - and it turns out that the packs live contented lives, munching on fresh road-kill deer and relaxing in the shade.

The guide called the wolves over to the observation area by name and we all got a chuckle hearing the dreaded big-bad-wolf being summoned as "Keysha", "Princess JoJo" and "Shania"! The wolves lounged around the human's pen, accepting treats from the guide.  They are beautiful animals and look so much like our domestic dogs it's easy to see both why they are feared and why some people think they'd be good pets.  But, and this is a BIG but, we learned that wolves are not dogs and they are spectacularly bad pets. 
The preserve also has rescued Bobcats and foxes, also very bad as pets, and we learned a lot about those beautiful animals as well.
This was a great experience and since the Lakota Wolf Preserve is nearby in Columbia, New Jersey, it's a wonderful place to spend a Saturday.  You can find more information on the wolves, tours, photography sessions and how to sponsor a wolf on their website   
                                                 Janeen Sharp
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