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Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance -  

Q. I’m having a party on Saturday and I want Steve’s  to cut my lawn on the Friday before, which is not my regular day - what should I do?

A. We attempt to accommodate all requests for schedule changes for parties, weddings, etc. as long as we have enough notice to do so!  Generally, if you let us know the week prior to your event, we should have no problem changing your lawn cut schedule.  If you require a special clean-up, pruning or mulching to really make your yard look impressive, please try to give us at least two weeks notice, in case there are weather issues, etc.

 Q. How do I change a contracted service? 

A. According to the contract, we need to receive any cancellations of services in writing.  Email is sufficient, but we need at least two weeks notice for estimated jobs, i.e. mulch, clean-ups, as well as lawn care etc.  Otherwise, our crew may already be dispatched to complete the work.  If they are already at your house, we may charge a re-deployment fee of $35.00.

 Q. What if it rains in the afternoon and you applied fertilizer in the morning?

A. Most of our applications should be watered in, so if it rains the same day, it saves you the trouble of watering your lawn!  For the insecticides, or the other few products of that nature, our technician generally watches the weather closely and avoids applying these products when rain is predicted.  However, the products we use are stable once they have dried, and since they dry in as little as 15-minutes, rain a few hours later shouldn’t affect them at all.  All of our fertilizer applications are guaranteed, so if you are not satisfied with the results, just call us.  Please note: Because of the sheer numbers of different types of fungus and insects, it is not possible to guarantee these applications.

 Q. I have a billing question or I wish to make a payment, whom do I call?

 A. Call  Erik  , Accounts Payable, 973-627-2797 x108.  Your bill is typically generated automatically and all invoices are also payable online.  However, to protect your privacy, we have absolutely no access to your online payment account.  If you have added to your original job, we will bill those add-ons separately, after the job is complete. 

 Q. What is included in my monthly Maintenance Payment?

A. If you have contracted for our lawn Maintenance service, your monthly bill includes all the lawn cuts for the entire season, plus the fall clean-up, divided into 8-monthly payments.  These invoices commence April 1st and conclude November 1st.  (Please note – these invoices are not necessarily connected to what we do to your lawn at any given time.  They are merely scheduled as a convenient 8-payment plan).  Additionally, if you have chosen one of our proven, satisfaction-guaranteed, lawn, tree, or shrub care programs, you will see that the total seasonal charge for your program has likewise been divided into eight equal monthly payments.  These are included on your monthly Maintenance invoice.

Q. What is NOT included in my monthly Maintenance Payment?

A. Services NOT included (unless otherwise specifically stated) in your monthly maintenance invoice are: mulch, spring clean-up, pruning, and special chemical treatments such as tick spray, deer repellant, insecticide, fungicide, etc.  Please check with customer service before ordering additional services for specific charges.

DISPOSAL.  Please note - DISPOSAL is not included in any service provided by Steve’s Lawn & Landscaping, unless specifically stated otherwise on your contract.  This includes leaves, brush, branches, and debris produced by our cleaning-up your property or pruning your shrubs, etc.  Disposal includes trucking and dumping charges and may vary from year to year.

 Q.  What discounts are available?

A.  By bundling the lawn care programs, we are able to include discounts for which per service customers are not eligible.  Furthermore, you may receive a 5% pre-payment discount if you pay your maintenance services for the entire season, before June 30th.  We prefer if this is paid by check.  Other payment options may also offer discounts.

Q. Whom do I call …?

A. To order service or change my schedule?  To discuss a problem or concern?  For project status?

 – Customer Service – x1 


Landscaping -  

Q. ...I want to check on the status of my project after sending in my deposit?
A. Call Steve,   or email

 Q. ...There’s a problem with my project or I need to change something?
A.  Call Steve  973-627-2797 or  We may have to speak to someone in the field, so we  ask that you give us 24 hours to respond.  

 Q. ...I want to find out how to care for my purchase?
       A. Check our website under:  

Q. ...I have a billing question or I wish to make a payment?
A. Call Erik, Accounts Payable, 973-627-2797    Your bill will be enclosed in this new contract packet.  If you
    have added to your original job, we will bill those add-ons separately, after the job is complete.  Otherwise, you may
    make the final payment on the original contract using the invoice attached.

 Q. ...I need to make my last payment but I feel my job is not complete?
         A. There is a blank service workorder included in your contract package.  You should make a list of your concerns
     and either mail or fax it to our office (fax# 973-586-4888).  Or you may email your list   (see above) using
    the workorder number.  If you don’t have a workorder, call  Customer Service , and have a workorder
    generated listing your concerns.  Ask for a copy or for your workorder number.   

      If your concerns are not addressed within two weeks, please call Customer Service with your workorder number to request an update.

 Q...There are changes to my project that will increase the total cost of the job?
A. You should have a copy of a change order which will be billed when the job is complete and the invoices are
    received from our vendors.  Meanwhile, the final payment required under the original agreement is due upon
    completion of the project.  You may use the invoice enclosed in this new contract package.

 Q. ...I have to report a warranty issue or I need to have a product serviced?
      A. Call  973-627-2797  , or email









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